Thighhigh heaven pt 2

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Thighhigh heaven pt 2

Michael and Barbie were barely out of their driveway and on the way to the restaurant when Barbie started in on him again. "I wonder how long it would take me to cum if I started fingering myself right now?" Barbie said, looking mischevious and quite turned on. "Do you wanna see how wet I still am, baby?"
Michael was grinning and had been since the moment his lovely fiance had walked into the room after getting ready. He was turned on and had all intentions of letting her do everything she wanted to do to keep him and herself as well, that way. "You know, if you keep distracting me while Im driving, we may not make itto the restaurant," Michael said, knowing full well, she knew he was as into this as she was.

"Well then mister, you just keep your eyes on the road and let me do the playing, okay? Now, I wonder how wet my pussy is right now?" 
From the corner of his eye, he watched Barbie put her /feet/">feet on the dash and slowly, one by one, slip her heels off. She knew how much of a foot /fetish/">fetish he had, especially when she was wearing thigh-highs or pantyhose and she was playing it up for all it was worth. She began rubbing her feet together and then white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie she would slide her feet up and down her stocking-clad legs. Just hearing the sound the nylon made as she carressed her feet and legs was giving Michael a first class hard-on.
As she continued playing footsie with herself, Barbie pulled her skirt up, exposing her lushious thighs and /thong/sexy-thong/">sexy thong. She pulled her panties to one side and she began running her finger up and down her lips, still swollen and aroused from her "knee fucking" of a few minutes ago.

Barbie now braced her feet on the dash and easily slipped her finger inside of her pussy and began to masterbate. Michael was finding it harder and harder to concentrate on his driving because of the show being put on right beside him. He prayed he didnt wreck the car.

Barbies finger was slowly picking up tempo as it went in and out of her sopping pussy. She was so wet, Michael could hear the slurping noises her pussy made as she thrust her finger in and out. By the illumination of the streetlights they passed, he could see the wetness on her fingers and knuckle. She was positively soaked.
The harder she masterbated,the louder her moans became and the heavier her breathing got. As Michael slowed the car as they came to a red light, Barbie started screaming as her orgasm began to rip through her. As he saw her /squirting/cum-squirt/">cum squirt across her already soaked knuckle, she moaned loudly, then surprised the hell out of him.

"I want to suck your cock," she said, her breathing heavy. "I want you to shoot your /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum down my throat before we get to the restaurant."
Michael looked anxiously at the light. It was still red and so he quickly began undoing his black dress pants. His /erection/">erection had him feeling very restained, so the pressure of his pants being unbuttoned was welcomed. "What if someone sees?" Michael asked, not really caring, but feeling he should ask anyway.
"Who gives a fuck?" she replied. stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv "If someone gets off seeing me swallowing your cock, good for them. If they get offended, fuck em, they dont have to watch!"
That was all he needed to hear. Michael untucked his shirt, then manuevered his pants down just enough to give his horny woman room to give a blowjob. He let his rock-/hard/hard-penis/">hard penis spring from his boxer-briefs and that fast, Barbie had slid her feet from the dash and repositioned herself in a kneeling position. 
She didnt mess around either. She immediately deep-throated his penis and began to bob her head up and down at a furious pace. Just then, Michael saw the light go yellow the other way and a truck quickly turn to beat the light. As the other light turned red, his light went green and Michael hit the gas. In no time, he had caught up to the truck on the two lane road and as the driver casually looked their way, he no doubt caught sight of Barbies ass in the air and her head in his crotch. The expression on his face gave him away. He looked shocked, then he quickly started grinning and layed on his horn. The sound made Barbie jerk, but she never stopped devouring Michaels cock. 

Another light was quickly approaching and again Michael took his foot off the gas pedal and started appling the breaks. As they slowed to a stop, Michael couldnt help but look at the driver in the next vehicle and grin. The driver looked back and gave him a thumbs up. "Hey baby, guess what? You have an admirer in the next vehicle."

Barbie made a "Mmmmmm" sound while never stopping her fabulous blowjob. But what she did next once again shocked Michael. She arched her back up, making herself more visible to the man in the truck and then flipped up her skirt exposing her sexy, heart-shaped ass. She once again pulled her panties to one side and buried a finger in her wet, dripping pussy and started masterbating again.

Again Michael looked at the driver and again he had a shocked look on his face, but this time after the shock wore off, a look of utter lust appeared. Michael could understand that, as the sight of his cock deep in the throat of his woman and her fingering herself had his balls aching to explode.
Michael looked back to his beautiful woman, her face contorted in a look of absolute passion and closed his eyes. At this point he didnt give a flying fuck if the light changed or not. He listened to Barbies muffled moans of lust, knowing she was cumming over and over, one because of the blowjob, two, because she was masterbating for him and a total stranger next to them.

Michael began to thrust his hips, meeting every downward thrust of Barbies mouth. He could feel his balls clenching and knew he would be cumming deep into her throat any second. With an inward smile, he wondered if their voyeur in the next vehicle was taking advantage of the free show as well.
His balls clenched and Michael began to moan, feeling his cum coming up his hard penis. "Oh baby, oh my God, Im going to cum! Im going to shoot my cum done your throat!" Michael all but screamed.

"Mmmm hmmm, mmmm hmmmmm," Barbie moaned, taking her lovers cock as deep into her throat as she could.
Michael, with his eyes still closed, listened to the wet noises coming from Barbies pussy, knowing she was fucking her finger as hard as she could. The image of that along with the earlier image of her rubbing her sexy, thigh-high covered legs and feet together pushed him over the edge. He came hard, a loud moan escaping his lips. He could feel Barbies throat muscles contracting, swallowing every spurt of cum that was released into her mouth.

As his orgasm subsided and Barbie released him from her warm, inviting mouth, he became aware of horns honking behind him. He quickly glanced up at the light seeing it was turning yellow and floored it. As they took off he glanced quickly at their voyeur and saw the mans face was contorted much the same way his was seconds earlier. A laugh escaped him this time.

Two short minutes later, they arrived at their destination. Michael couldnt stop grinning as he put his slowly deflating penis back into his /underwear/">underwear, tucked in his shirt, and buttoned his pants. "You know what? I think that guy really enjoyed the show you gave him. As we took off, I looked his way and I think he was jerking off." He laughed again.

Barbie laughed as well, then added, "The show was for you, but like I said, if someone gets turned by what they see me doing, good for them."
"Well, Im sure it was good for him, but it was a whole lot better for me, I guarantee that."
Barbie smiled. "Good baby, thats what I wanted, but its not over yet, I hope you know. That was just the appetizer, the main course is coming in a little bit." She slipped her shoes back on, smoothed her dress, and began to get out of the car. 
Together they exited the car, but Barbie stopped and another grin spread across her lovely face.

"Whats wrong?" Michael asked, returning her smile.
"Well, beings I just came about twenty times, unless you want to watch me break my face on the ground, I need help walking. Im a little weak kneed right now."
So, arm in arm they walked into the restaurant as Michaels mind raced. They hadnt even ate yet and he had already watched his woman masterbate twice and given him a blowjob. He didnt know how much was left in her devious mind to do to him. And, as if she had read his thoughts, Barbie smiled devilishly and tightened her grip on his arm. He had a feeling that the night had just begun...