The Girl

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
The Girl

I enetered the room and looked around to find her there looking up at me. she was start naked sprawled across the bed with herf legs wide open. Her large bosoms were hanging out over her chest glitening with sweat.
She looked at me at first with a look of shock which quickly changed to anticipation Her moistened pussy was also showing and as she lay there.

It was obvious that as i had entered the room she had stopped fingering herself she looked up and me and simply said, "fuck me. Fuck me now".
I had known her for only a few weeks but as i saw her all of that faded away as a swiftly crossed the room.

I pulled out my already /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick and crossed the room. I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled them down as she looked up at me with desire in her eyes.
I then pulled down my pants to reveal my long hard rod and picked her frail fram up and turned her over revealing her round ass.

Not waiting i thrusted striaght inside her /pussy/tight-pussy/hot-tight-pussy/">hot tight pussy and she groaned with pleasure. I continued going deeper inside her until i was going all the way into her.
Me keeping a fluid motion I felt waves of pleasure going the length of my dick as i pounded her moist pussy.

She then started to orgasm with her pussy contracting around my cock. Her alain lyle porn legs shuddered as she went through wave after wave of pleasure and moaned.
She squited inside all over my shaft and made it even more slippery, however the pace kept up the pleasure.

I then pulled out and turned her over looking at her beautiful body and her vulumpous breasts. she lay there eager for more.
I then thrust all of my 8 inches into her at once making her moan loadly in pleasure her head falling back revealing her georgous neck.
SHe then strated to come again inside me as i thrusted in and out of her. Her moaning as the orgasm fell over her body fluidly.

I continued indian santali xvideo thusting in and out of her continously until i felt my self to /climax/">climax finally, telling her this she moved back and took my cock into her mouth.
Sucking on it back and forth even pushing down her throat. This amasing feeling was causing me to come to the brink.
I then pulled out releasing my large warm load all over her /breasts/huge-breasts/">huge breasts. covering them in my juices.

She looked down in delight and rubbed it in. looking up at me smiling. She then said to me, "we should do this more often baby."

I then wake up and long to be there with her.