Agnethas Story

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Agnethas Story

Neta as her friends called her was a 26 year old young mum with two kids, a four and a half year old boy and a 10 month baby girl. Harry her husband was 36 and had been engaged to her sister until she was lost in a tragic car accident the week before the wedding. Neta wanted to be a dancer she is tall and very beautiful and her parents said that "showbiz is not for our girl" and she was forced into a junior managerial roll in the family business. Harry carried on visiting the family and would see Neta leaving her regular dance class and stopped to give her a lift home quite often. Harry was often invited into dinner or for lunch at the weekend and when she was 21 he asked for Netas hand in marriage. Netas parents were thrilled and she waswhisked into a quick marriage and soon fell pregnant. Neta was not a virgin but had only had a disastrous encounter with a lad at a friends 18th /party/birthday-party/">birthday party after to much sweet martini. Her wedding night was a disaster and Harry forced himself into her after about three days of verbal abuse and cajoling and threatening, the Harry her parents knew was not the man she knew, he was brash and insensitive, drank far to much and when it came to sex he should have been called "Hurry" as it was always fast and he came as soon as his 4 inch dick entered Neta. Neta felt dirty the way they had sex.

Harry had a government job and was posted overseas after some two years of marriage, the posting was arevelation to Neta. Their social life was very busy and there was always somethinggoing on, Harry drank more and more and after a drunken night he managed to get it up for the /first-time/">first time in three months and then Neta was pregnant again. xxx During thepregnancy Harry drank more and more and kept missing work. At parties he was the drunken bore and other wives felt sorry for the beautiful Neta, at wives meetings and coffee mornings some of the women would talk sex. The hot climate meant people wore little clothing at home and with the summer temperatures around 100 degrees some walked and slept naked in there houses, jokes about husband bending a wife over the TV or something and taking her from behind were somewhat strange to Neta but she joined in with the jokes.

After the baby was born Harrys drinking got worse, Neta was happy as it meant he didnt force himself on her for sex tooften, baby was 6 months old and one drunken night after a terrible time at a party as he came on Neta whilst trying to screw he told her that her cunt was to stretched and it was like "trying too fuck a road tunnel" After a blazing row, his drinking got worse. With two young kids, Neta felt tied to the house and missed her social life in the evenings due to the baby. A friend Joan said "get a baby sitter", she asked all the teenage girls of older friends but all were reluctant to sit for a young baby. The summer ball was due and she really wanted to go, Joan said ask Mary about a sitter. Mary was the wife of a senior pilot on the base, she had six kids from 3 to 19. "I`ll send our Christie around to see you" she said. The next day there was a knock at the door, Neta was surprised to find a tall young guy with a crash helmet in his hand. "Hi, Im Kriss! Neta was puzzled, "

Kriss Hindle, Marys son, you wanted a baby sitter". Neta was still shocked, but I thought she was sending Christie, "NO Christie, in our family","silly woman calls me "OUR KRISSY". At that point baby started to cry and cry, Neta excused herself and walked to the nursery. Kriss followed, Amie raged on and on, Kriss said to Neta, "here let me show you how to do it". He took the baby and lifted her high above his head nearly to the ceiling, slowly lowering her to his shoulder he firmly but gently massaged her back with his hand stroking from her waist to her neck, suddenly there was a huge burrpppppppp, "just wind as usual, bottle fed I see" said Kriss. Amie was happy with the tall young man, and Kriss chatted with Neta about how he helped his mum with his younger siblings.

Kriss got the sitting job, and Neta made up the spare room for him as the ball would go onto the early hours if not even breakfast time.

Kriss asked if it was ok for his girlfriend to come around as she often sat with him and did their study together. The ball went off fine and Kris became a regular sitter for Neta and Harry and would call by and play with Jamie some times after Nursery school to give Neta a break or let her have a swim at the beach across the road to take away the thoughts of Harry and his problems. 

After a couple of months, Neta and Harry went to a friends for a party, at about 11pm Netarealized that she had left the details of a visit to a factory for Nina whose party it was, Harry was at the pool bar drunk as usual. So Neta slipped out to the car to pop home and get the details. The house was in semi darkness the lounge light dimmed and the TV on low volume and two work folders neatly on the table by the door. As Neta picked up the folder she heard a noise from upstairs, not wanting to wake Kriss she quietly walked up the stairs. She heard more noise along the corridor from the spare room, as she inched along the passage way. Kriss was not alone, moving into her own bedroom doorway she could see through the open door of the room. 

The curtains were open and two scented candles flickered by the bed, sat astride Kriss was Carol his girlfriend, he was playing with her nipples and then sucking them as she moaned and writhed around her hips doing arhythmic thrusting and circling motion. Neta could not hear what was being said, but did hear Carol say "are you ready again". Kriss sat as Carol wrapped her legs around his waist, he lifted her of the bed and walked to the window as they kissed and he then took a glass of water and they both drank and chuckled to one another. Neta could see the moonlight glint of their sweaty bodies. Kriss knelt on the bed edge lowering Carol down as she released her legs from his waist he took her ankles and brought them together in front of his face as he started to slowly thrust back and forth into her. Carol gave a muffled cry, Neta had justrealized that from when she first viewed the sexy scene Carol had the lads cock inside her. 

Kriss was in shadow and Netas view was restricted until Kriss spread the girls legs holding her ankles wide apart, Carol seemed to moan as Kriss asked "are you ready". as he pulled back Neta could see his /cock/large-cock/large-thick-cock/">large thick cock, it looked about 3 inches wide from about 20 feet away and very long, then it was gone, but slowly back into view and then gone again and again as he built his his speed to a blur and then Carol gave out a muffled cry as he grunted and groaned and cried out himself, NNNNEEE--------- was the muffled cry of his orgasm, better tha Harrysingle grunt of satisfaction. As they collapsed on the bed Neta sneaked away. As she drove away sherealized that she must have been watching them for over forty minutes and she squirmed in her seat as her pussy felt so wet and alive.
Harrys drinking problem had worsened and his job position was under review, a trip back to England was arranged under a training guise but three months in a clinic was what his department arranged. Netas was a happier person with Harry gone, she joined some art classes and the Bridge club and still went to all the parties, So

tall and beautiful, men always joked and flirted with her. She was to shy and probably tonaive to judge if they had other motives, all were married any way and in the close knit community any going ons would have been hard to hide if she had the inclination. 

Due to go to another of the endless parties, she arranged for young Kriss to sit for her. He asked if Carol could come as usual as she was leaving as her family was posted to Germany and they were leaving the next day. Of course said Neta, she could stay the night if you like, Kriss looked stunned, "Im not stupid" I have guessed what you get up to. " Guessed! more likewatched" he said with a wink as he walked away. Neta went to the party but the hostess Jackie had a fall and had to go to the medicalcenter so she headed home. Realizing that Carol would be with Kriss she parked and went over to the beach and had a midnight swim before entering the house making enough noise to let both know she was home. 

She went to bed hearing nothing and the spare room door was closed, at about 3am something woke her. At first she thought it was Amie, as she reached her bedroom door the noise level had gone up a level and she heard a steady gentle slapping noise, peering along the passage through the now open door she saw Carol knelt on all fours as Kriss thrust into her from behind, his pace quickened and slowed as her young firm tits moved as if joined beneath her. Carol buried her head in thebed as he slipped his length from her and buried his face in her ass making her buck about even more. Kriss took Carol in his arms and they hugged and kissed for a long time, Netas fingers had gone to her pussy and she gently stroked herself and tweaked her nipples and breasts as she viewed the young lovers in the erotic scene. 

Carol moved her head to Krisss crotch and started moving around as he became erect again she started to suck him into her mouth, Neta could still not see his shaft fully but this was no tiny prick like Harry,s. Kriss moved her onto her front and kissed her back up and down he spread her legs and from the moan she gave he must have entered her again. Raising into a kneeling position Neta saw something in his hand and then he started to massage Carols ass, he drew her up into the full kneeling position again. He pulled back and then forwards, Carol cried out a most fantastic sounding eroticgroan, followed by " FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME, My ASS AND CUNT ARE porn videos download BOTH CCCCCUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGG. A shiver went through Neta as sherealized that he had just taken Carol up her ass and as her own juice ran down her inner thighs Neta had cum to as she heard a strange muffle nnneeeeeeeeaaaaa sort of sound from Kriss as he came.