New fun and experiences

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
New fun and experiences

*This is a true story, but do not try starting something like this(unless the other person starts it first)*
*Names were left out due to personal reasons.*

I've known John my whole life. We would do everything together. Every day after school I would go over to his house and play games and go swimming in the summer. But things would not stay the same forever, things were bound to change. That's what happened in sixth grade. He told me that he was moving a couple of towns away. That would mean I could not see him as much. We decided that since he was moving, that it would be okay to try things that we would remember forever.

It started one day in mid-spring. We just got home to my grandmas house(John had already moved, but he was going to finish up the school year and then go to the school near his house. My grandma lives close to the school and we go over there after school gets out for the day). We were going the wwwxxx through our normal routine, of fetching snacks from the cubbard, and watching TV, when he said, "Hey, come here." I followed him into a little storage space where my grandparents keep a freezer too. He said, "Hey check this out, I saw it on TV, and it's kinda funny!" He picked up a pillow that was on the floor that probably fell from one of the shelves above and held it infront of his crotch. He came forward, and put he other side of the pillow against my crotch. He started pushing against me, and I pushed back in rhythym.

There was a tingling sensation in my penis as it began to grow larger and larger. "Stop," I said to him, "I have a better idea." I grabbed a small foam pad, and laid it down on the hard ground. I took off my shoes, and threw them aside. I looked deep into his eyes, whilst I pulled my shirt off. I kneeled down on the bed, and stayed there waiting for him. He looked at me and pulled his shirt off, too. I stepped forward and he stepped forward too. I stopped then and undid the button on my pants. He mirrored my every move.

I unzipped my pants and put my hand down touching my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. He did the same. I crawled over to him and wrapped my arms around him. I put my lips to his and sucked and licked all around his lips and mouth. I pressed my dick against his, with the upmost pleasure. I reached my hand down, and pulled out my dick, offering it to him. He gladly accepted, as I slid it in his mouth. He started sucking it and licking all over it. I was in heaven. After a while, I started feeling a tingling in my balls, wwwxxx and I started bucking wildly. I shot my first-ever load into his mouth.

 I was wild with pleasure. He returned the favor, as I put my dick in his mouth sucking and blowing it. I knew he was about to cum because he too was bucking wildly. As he shot his load, he pushed his head down hard, making me deepthroat it. I was in heaven. I loved every minute of it. Just then we heard the sound of footsteps approaching fast’