The Garage Repair Man

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The Garage Repair Man

"The garage door is broke again Bill." My wife is always yelling about getting the door fixed. I tried to fix it myself but couldn't get it done. So I told her to call someone and get the job done. The garage door has its own mind it goes up and down on its own and sometimes it doesn't work at all. My wife made an apointment for monday which means I have to stay home and wait all day. I hate that but atleast I have the day off from work. My wife left for work at around 8am the repair man was to come between 9am and 12noon. So i decided to take a shower get dress and just wait and watch T.V..

It is 11:45 and still no repairman. I was just about to call the company when i heard the truck pull up the drive way. "Finally" I said and made my way to the front door. As i got closer to the door I saw this incredible looking guy or should I say boy. This repairman had to be about 21 or 22 me being 45 he was eye candy. I quickly fixed my hair and held my stomach in while openning the door. I saw him at the trunk unloading his tools. Wow what a sight. He had on shorts you use for jogging white socks sneakers and a company tee shirt. He was bending in every direction to get tools from inside the truck and in the back of the truck. One point he went on his toes to reach some tools in the back and the shorts went up his crack. He had a beautiful bubble but and a nice bugle in the front of his pants. 

I saw his /underwear/">underwear outline the shorts. Looks like tight white underwear made by a designer. He bent down to get his tools off the floor and I almost died. His shorts went up his crack and I could see his balls from behind. He got up and turned around and gave me a big smile. "Mr Johnson I am here to fix your garage door." "hey young man come in" I said. "Let me help you with your tools." I could feel the strenght in his arms when I took some tools. I took him to the garage and showed him the door. He fooled around with the button pressing it and watching the how the door was working. I just kept on staring at him and his body. He had very short dark hair parted on the side. Brown eyes but they looked blue to me. Great skin no marks on his face and a winning smile. He knew I was checking him out but had a poker face so I couldn't figure out if he liked it or not. So he just kepted on working and asking me questions about the door. I can't remember one question although I answered him .

I just kepted thinking how he would look in his underwear or better yet naked. At one point I was day dreaming thinking about him that I went into a daze he had to hit me to get me out of it. "sorry /son/">son I was thinking about work and thats it." He just smiled and asked if I had a ladder. "Sure young man let me get it for you." I placed it near the garage door opener on the ceiling of the garage. The ladder stood four /feet/">feet high from the top rung. He started to go up the ladder when i heard him say "woa its not very stirdy." I said "oh let me help you I will hold the ladder for you while you look at the job." I was all to glad to do that so this way I could look up his shorts and check out his package. He was on the second from the last step and I was on the floor looking up his shorts. Beautiful just Beautiful his legs. He had stong legs coming out his sneakers and into his shorts. I finally saw his underwear white and tight grabbing his bubble butt and man package. 

"Oh my " I said to myself "what a sight " I just kepted staring inside his shorts try to see new parts of his body. Thats when i notice something I had never seen before on the garage opener. Some hooks that move with the track of the garage opener. They move up and down forward and back. I smile and looked down and said to myself" it would be a pity if those hooks got caught on his shorts and ripped them off." I just didn't know how to fixed that to happen. 
He just kepted working while I thought what to do. He moved up close now to better work on the garage and now the hooks were dangling near the bottom of his shorts. I kepted saying "come on man move down young man so the hooks will grab your shorts come on man do it" and he did he moved again and the hooks grabbed his shorts from the bottom . There were about two hooks one on each side wow it couldn't be better planned. He had no idea what was going to happen the hooks had grab hold of his shorts. "Ok My Johnson go over to the wall and push the button I want to see if the door works." I said "ok young man let me know what to do." I got to the wall made sure i had a perfect view and pushed the button. The moment I was waiting for......

Now understand the door was in the closed position so the tracks would be pushing the door up and hopefully the bottom of his shorts.
"Here goes" I said. The door works it was going up and so was my young repairmans shorts. "WHATS HAPPENING " I heard my repairman say.
His shorts were ripping. old waman xxxgx "Oh stop my pants " He tried so hard to get his shorts off the hooks but he couldn't do. "OH MY PANTS STOP THE DOORS". His shorts were not ripping off his body going near the ceiling with just his waist band attached. He was still trying to loosen the grip but he couldn't ."Please stop the doors" I did what he said and pushed the button. This time the door reversed itself and started to close again ripping more of his short the doors went back to its original position and our young repairman was trying so hard to free himself. I justed look and loved every minute of it. 

Little did he know that the door had its own mind while he was trying to get free the hooks had gotten hold of his underwear near the bottom circle of his butt crack. He look at me and said" please help me" He was on the ladder with ripped shorts and his underwear hooked on the hooks. I said sure let me press the buttons again to see if that helps. The hooks start to go up giving him the biggest /wedgie/">wedgie I had ever seen. "OH ITS GOT MY UNDERWEAR NOW" he had his arms behind his back trying to free himself his head turned to try and help himself. I just looked and enjoyed the show. His underwear and shorts going up and ripping . bokep sma pecah perawan "OH YEAH " i said to myself "thats it baby rip off." He just kepted trying to free himself and saying "OH oh no stop oh oh no." Rippingggggggggggggggggggggggggg finally the door started to go down and his ripped underwear and ripped shorts went with it.
He had to pick up his legs to finally free himself. 

His clothes were off he only had on a tee shirt socks and sneakers. I went behind him and said " I guess the door's not fixed."
But I couldn't get his bubble butt off my mind. I went closed with my nose and mouth. Than I just dove in. My tongue hit his ass cheeks so fast he let out a big yell. "AHHHHHHHHHH what are you doing Mr Johnson." I told him "you know and you like it." He said "yeah thats it lick it please .