Meeting You

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Meeting You

I met you on the Internet. 

Isn't that where everyone meets these days?

One night we IM”d, and the chemistry between us was immediately obvious. I knew I had connected with someone who was deeply sexual, intelligent and”Masterful! All the qualities I most admire in a man.

It wasn't long before we started talking on the phone. I like phone sex and have enjoyed several pleasant encounters this way.

Until I started talking to you, that is. 

You would whisper to me, with your incredibly sexy voice, tease me, build me up, concentrate totally on my pleasure and then order me to cum, not just once or even twice, but over and over again, until I was completely sated, only then would you finally see to your own satisfaction. 

No one else I”d had phone sex with could match that, and I began to wonder what you would be like in real life!

Six months later and here I was pulling up outside your house in a cab. 

My hands trembled as I knocked on the door. Last minute nerves and doubts set in. Would I be able to serve you as you wished? Please you, as you no doubt deserved? 

The door opened and finally we were face to face...I raised my eyes and saw a tall, muscular, fit looking man, with dark hair and eyes and chiselled features. 

You stood back and waited for me to enter the house, then softly closed the door behind me. We hadn't spoken a word yet. My heart was beating so fast, I could hardly speak.

I stood before you wearing exactly what I had been told to wear, a short black /skirt/leather-skirt/">leather skirt, thigh high boots with 5” heels and a skimpy shirt that revealed my cleavage.

”Take off your clothes for me slowly.” You ordered in a low husky voice.

I reached around and unzipped my skirt, then pulled it down over my hips, then let it drop to the floor.

Placing my hands on the bottom of my shirt I raised it up over my breasts, you watched as they started to come into nipples were already getting hard. Reaching out you stroked my breasts; I could hear my breathing was becoming ragged, and my pussy was wet. I allowed the shirt to slide down to the floor, as I looked up at you, my /master/">master.

You looked back down at me, a smile curving your sexy mouth and allowed your hand to slide down over my belly, to my pussy, brushing against my clit as it went, checking to see if I was ready for your attentions. 

As you slid a finger into my cunt, I let out a quiet gasp and I could tell you were pleased at my excitement. As you removed your finger, I let out a small moan of disappointment. You walked around me, examining me from all angles, I lowered my eyes and stood still, wearing just the thigh high boots, my legs parted a little. Coming back round to stand in front of me again, you spoke softly,

”Kneel down.” 

I knelt down, your cock was just an inch from my face now and I could smell your sexy odour. 

”You know what to do now, Susi.”

Leaning forward a little, I gave your cock a gentle kiss, and then sticking my tongue out, slowly licked your shaft, tasting you. I ran my tongue from the head all the way down to your balls, inhaling the smell of your body. I was becoming increasingly excited at the closeness of you.

Taking one of your balls into my mouth, I sucked on it hungrily, then moved to the other side and sucked your other ball into my /wet/hot-wet/">hot wet mouth. After a while I ran my tongue up the length of your cock, then slid it deep into my mouth tasting a drop of precum on my tongue as I did so. 

I could feel you right at the back of my throat, and as I started to suck you harder, I heard you moan a little. Feeling encouraged that you were pleased with my actions; I reached up and started to massage your balls, taking them into my hand and gently squeezing them. 

Your cock was becoming harder. I could feel the juices building up inside your balls and starting to flow through your cock. I kept massaging, feeling them becoming more and more swollen with each stroke of my hand, and every deep suck of my mouth. I started to suck harder now, determined to drain you into me, I wanted to swallow every drop of your cum. 

Your hands grabbed my hair, and I heard you give a loud groan as, thrusting deep into my mouth, your cum began spilling down my throat. I gulped and swallowed and sucked until every drop of your precious juice was gone. Your hands were stroking my hair gently as you said,

”Stand up now, my darling Slut.”

Reluctantly I removed your cock from my mouth and stood before you. 

”Let's go upstairs into the bedroom.”

Obediently, I followed you up the stairs and into your bedroom.

Picking up some nipple clamps from a nearby table, you leaned down and took my right breast into your mouth. I could feel your breath on my skin; I closed my eyes, breathing quicker. 

Your tongue circled my nipple, making me gasp and then moan as you slipped the clamp onto my nipple. Then moving to the left breast, you again sucked my nipple into your mouth, using your tongue on me, and then pulling away as you slipped the clamp on. As you tightened the clamps, I could feel the pressure on my nipples, it sent a thrilling sensation right down through my body to my already /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. 

Leaving me standing there, you picked up a silk scarf,

”Put your hands together behind your back.”

Tying my hands securely, you then gave another order,

”Lie down on the bed.”

Obediently I did as I was told, it didn't feel too comfortable lying this way, but I said nothing.

You reached down and spread my legs wide open; you attached my left foot to a spreader bar and then the right one. I was lying there with my arms tied, nipple clamps on, and my booted legs were spread so wide apart that /wet/pussy-wet/my-wet-pussy/">my wet pussy was in full view for you to see free porn movies download and enjoy.

Your hands slid first over my left leg and inner thigh and then down my right one, causing me to shiver at the gentleness of your touch. 

”Oh God! I love it so much when you touch me.”

Kneeling down at the bottom of the bed, you replaced your hand with your tongue, running it between my thighs leaving a trail of wetness. I moaned again as your tongue flicked across my clit, circling it, then probing my hole and beginning to fuck me with it. I started to frantically move my hips trying to get more of your tongue into my hungry cunt. 

Picking up a /vibrator/">vibrator, you slid it inside me and slowly turned it on. My whole body was trembling for release...but you weren't going to give it to me just yet. 

Leaving the vibrator buzzing in my /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt, you reached up and removed the nipple clamps, I gave a groan of relief as they came off, but then you were leaning down and sucking my now very sensitive nipples deep into your mouth. I almost screamed from the feeling of pleasure that seemed to reach down right down into my soul.

You abruptly stopped, and I moaned with disappointment, but waited. 

With the vibrator still buzzing inside me, my pussy was becoming soaked and my juices were just oozing out from around the vibrator. You moved down kissing my body, licking it along the way until you reached my pussy again. As soon as you started sucking my clit, I was rocked with the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. You wouldn't remove your mouth though, it was clamped to my clit, and you just kept sucking and licking.

I came over and over again, until it felt like one continuous orgasm, which perhaps it was. I was screaming and writhing on the bed, feeling like I was being turned inside out, eventually I felt I couldn't bear any more.

”Oh my God! Oh my God! Stop! Please stop! Please!” I panted.

Closing my eyes, I slowly relaxed again as you moved your mouth down from my clit and proceeded to gently lap up my pussy juice, taking your time, making sure you got as much as you could. The feel of your tongue on me was heaven. 

Suddenly you got up and picked up a ball gag,

”You are such a good slut.” You whispered, as you pushed it into my mouth and fastened it on, and then you left the room.

At first I felt puzzled, then a bit panicky; after all we hadn't discussed gagging! That wasn't part of the agenda. As I lay there, I started to think about how utterly naive I had been by befriending” a.n.other on the Internet! I actually knew NOTHING about this man, whom for all I knew might be a maniac! 

Okay so he's the sexiest maniac ever to have walked the planet, but what now”? I started to sob silently'my imagination was really kicking in”

The door opened again and you came back into the room, holding what looked to me like a flogger! That was another thing we hadn't discussed. 

Okay I may be a sub, and maybe I like a bit of spanking, but oh hell, I am not into this serious shit!

I tried to tell you, I really did, but all I could do was moan behind the gag.

You stood and lightly touched my body with just the tips of the flogger. Making sweeping motions along my body, then every once in a while flicking it so that it stung me. Between the gentleness of the flogger as it swept along my skin and the flick and sting of it, I didn't know what to expect nor when. 

It heightened my sensitivity and made my pussy start to jump a little. I found myself wanting more and more. 

You reached out and massaged my clit with your fingers, gently and slowly going in circled motions as you still ran the flogger along my body...showing me how to blend all the feelings together and to heighten my senses. I started to writhe around. My body was so excited and trembling that I screamed, begging you to fuck me, lick me, please do something to let me cum, but of course the gag reduced my demands to mere moans.

You removed the vibrator from my soaking wet pussy, I sighed in disappointment. My pussy muscles contracted like they didn't want to let the vibrator go... then you reached down, removed the gag and quickly untied my /feet/">feet, rolled me over onto my stomach and released my hands,

”Get up onto your knees, Susi.” 

I immediately did so, and you slid your finger into my hot, excited pussy, feeling the wetness of my juices flowing. Removing your finger, you slid the length of your hard swollen cock into me. I moaned loudly at feeling such fullness in my pussy touching every inch of me, and setting off such a shockwave to full hd xvideo download my senses. You rested there just for a second, our hips started moving in rhythm with each other as you moved your cock in and out of my pussy. 

Then you slid your cock out slowly until I thought you were going to pull out, and I started to beg,

”Fuck me! Cum in me!”

You slid back in slowly, as each pussy muscle swallowed your cock and held on to you tight. 

You suddenly granted me my wish, and grabbing my hips, you shot your /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum deep inside my sensitive pussy. This triggered my own juices to flow, and yet another orgasm grabbed me. Our warm, sticky juices trickled out of my pussy running down my thighs, forming a puddle on the bed. 

We collapsed there, one on top of the other getting our breaths back. You caressed my hair and kissed my neck and my ears, wrapping your arms around me as though you could take me inside you, your body, and your very soul even, to make me a part of you. 

You nuzzled my neck and whispered,

”Hello, my darling slut.”