Me and My Best Friend

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Me and My Best Friend

So my Friend Comes down 2 times a year Christmas and Summer From North Carolina. For the Past 6 Years we have bin Playing with each other we Jerked Each real forced anal against her will other off and Sucked we didn't suck till cum thoughts this Past Christmas Me and my Friend Tommy Planned Doing each other a month before. So we texted each other for that whole month till he came down. So the night of We Started

Watching Porn to Get Hard but he was already hard so once i got hard i said are you Ready and Tommy Said yes We looked at each other awkwardly for a few seconds and then i told Tommy to take his cloths off first he did. he pulled his pants down slowly and right after he got it past his waist his dick popped out. and bounced. Tommy's penis

curved upward a little bit. Then I xnxxv sunny leone video took My cloths off my dick popped out and he was a little shocked. I laughed as a joke and said yours is smaller. Tommy's Dicks about 5" around and 5 1/2" Long. MY DICKS 5 INCH Circumference and 7 Inches long. we first started by doing 69 for a a few it felt so good. Then he was like can we fuck now i was like sure. I got my 2 condoms out and said safety first and tommy's like true it.

He slipped the condom on his dick and tried to stick it in. we were doggy styling it. I said hay hay wait don't jump ahead you need to make it more slippery first. Tommy said oh sorry i said i had no lube and we had to use spit, so he spit a lot on my and some on his dick then slipped it in. it took a little bit. I was doing exercises that loosened your ass up pretending you taking a crap then stop so it opens your as and pulls the dick in. we went slow and it felt weird but i dealt with it. i made him take it out and spit more in.He put it back in i got it about half way down his dick and he said it felt amazing.

Then i Asked Tommy if i could Fuck him he said yea i slipped my condom on and spit on his ass slipped it in wnet for like 5 min but it hurt him to but his tight virgin ass felt so good i didnt want to stop but Tommy told me to.
I was a little mad but i dealed with it and was proud at the same time because i have a 7 inches that's god not to big and not to small.

So after i Fucked Tommy in his ass he wanted to more because mine was to big for him.So i said fine.I was mad because i didnt fuck him for as long as he .So i showed off by fucking him so good pushed my ass all the way down his shaft he moaned so loud.we were both virgins but i knew what to do because i did research.We both said we holly shit its the best virgin Ass ever.

We both didnt cum. So we took the condoms off and jacked each other off.It was the best but i wouldn't mind a but i would fuck Tommy again you only live once remember that.