Best day ever watching The Walking Dead

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Best day ever watching The Walking Dead

If youve read my past stories, you know that I work out in a gym thats in a gay area of town known as "Boystown." Im bisexual, and Ive been known to pick up a guy or two at the gym.

On this particular day a tall, /athletic/">athletic, white guy caught my attention. He was about 66", 210 lbs I would guess. I was doing my leg presses and he was deadlifting. What first caught my attention were his huge shoulders and arms. His shoulders looked like he had on some football pads, and his arms were thick. I could tell how built his upper body was because he was wearing a tank top. He was very attractive. Brown eyes, short sandy hair. He turned me on instantly.

I looked like a dwarf compared to him. Im 510", 170 lbs. Im muscular and athletic, but naturally thin. I love bigger, taller muscular men. I hoped he was into /latino/latino-men/">latino men, as most of the guys Ive picked up at the gym tend to be. I dont know if its my brown skin, black hair, and brown eyes, or my uncut Latino dick, but a lot of white /love/men-love/">men love Latinos like me.

Anyways, I finished up my set, frequently glancing over to check him out. He had strong, /legs/thick-legs/">thick legs built from years of running. What I couldnt take my eyes off was the outline of a /cock/big-cock/">big cock I could see every time he stood and brought the bar to his waist, letting it rest right above his cock. I could tell he had a massive dong from the bulging seemingly supporting the weight of the bar.

Like usual, I decided to make a move by asking him to spot me on the bench press. This is my favorite move because I can lay down and stare at his cock as I bench, letting him know what Im really interested in. I asked him and he readily agreed. As he was spotting me, I stared at his groin trying to catch a glimpse up his shorts. I knew he saw me staring. We made small talk in between sets. He complimented me on my bench press form. I could tell he was interested in me by the way he touched himself when he talked to me, and how he made sure he gave me a peak up his shorts at his hairy legs when he spotted me.

Eventually, the talked turned into talking about how much we like the show The Walking Dead. I told him that I had the day off and I was actually planning on spending it by hanging out and watching the first season. He thought that sounded like a great day and lamented that he didnt own any of the seasons. Thats when I made my move and invited him over to have some drinks and watch some Walking Dead. Not surprisingly, he eagerly accepted.

We finished at the same time and went to the locker room together to grab our stuff. Neither of us needed to change, so we just grabbed our wallets and phones from the locker and decided to walk back to my apartment only two blocks away. He had his bicycle with him and I told him he could just lock it up in front of my building. We had to be an odd couple walking down the street together as sexxxx video ful hd he had 8 inches in height to me. I couldnt wait to get this hunk inside of me.

When we got to my apartment I told him to make himself at home and "take off his clothes if he feels like it." I said that last part with a chuckle to test how outgoing or cautious he is. He responded, "you first" as he sat down on my couch. I knew he was game for what was about to go down. I popped in the DVD and pressed play, and replied, "nothing like watching Walking Dead in the nude" as I began to strip down. By the way he raised his eyebrows and his eyes widened I could tell he didnt think I was serious about being nude. He said, "wow, you werent kidding."

I took of my sweaty gym clothes shirt first, exposing my hairless, dark chest and smooth, cut abs. He eyes were fixed on me as I gave him a strip tease. His hand moved to his cock. I walked towards him slowly, pulling lightly at the waist of my shorts. "So when did you know I wanted to fuck you," I asked him as I moved toward him. "When you wouldnt stop staring at me dead lifting," he laughed. "I was that obvious, huh?" I was standing right in front of him now, my legs touching his. He reached out and grabbed at my hardening cock. Our eyes locked. He began to tug down at my shorts.

I readily let him pull them down. I kicked them off, and now I stood there in my underwear, my cock bulging at the feel of his hand as it tugged at my dick roughly. Finally, he pulled off my underwear to expose my hairless uncut swollen dick. Suddenly I realized I didnt even know his name. "Wait, whats your name," I asked with a grin. "Adam," he answered with a laugh. "Im Carlos." I dont even think he heard me because he quickly bent forward to take my swollen member in his mouth. He swallowed my 6.5 inch whole, lathering it with saliva. He took turns taking it all in his mouth, moving his mouth all the way up my shaft and then thrusting my cock back in his mouth.

 I placed my hand on his head, running my fingers through his hair as he slobbed on my dick. He deep throated my dick with little effort, and when his nose was buried above my cock he would stick his tongue out and lick part of my balls. This drove me /crazy/">crazy! After about 5 minutes of him sucking up every inch of my dick, I had to slow down.

I guided his head away from my dick, and leaned down to kiss him. He was so tall I didnt have to lean too far. As our lips locked and our tongues got to know each other, I reached down to his shirt and pulled it off. He had a big, harry chest. He looked like he could play tight end (no pun intended lol). I got on the couched and straddled him, my dick resting on his stomach. I leaned in to kiss him again. He grabbed my ass with his massive hands. His hands squeezed and massaged my muscular "bubble butt." I felt a big cock underneath my ass. As our mouths made love, I ground my ass on his dick.

His hands tightened on my ass, his finger exploring my asshole. I think to myself, "wow this is one big man all round." I dont think Ive ever been with a man this massive. I must look like a small boy straddling his groin. We take turns kissing each others necks. You can hear soft moans of pleasure escaping our mouths.

He lifts my bodily slightly, allowing his mouth access to my nipples and his fingers better access to my ass. He guides his tongue across my nipples, flicking at them then gently biting them. As his mouth plays with my nipples, his right middle finger tries to find its way into my ass. Some lube would help, but were too engulfed in desire to stop and get some. I grab his right hand and bring it to my mouth. I take his middle finger into my mouth all the way, making sure its plunging deep in my throat. His hand and fingers have to be a good two inches bigger than mine. I make sure I make myself gag on his finger so I can get it all wet and slimy.

We stare into each others eyes as I deepthroat his finger, getting it ready to penetrate my ass. All the while, Im grinding my ass on his fully erect dick. By feel alone, I estimate that it must be around 9 inches. I let it go and he quickly returns it to my /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. We resume painting each others mouth with our tongues. He presses gently on my ass hole with his finger. I press back against it, helping him guide his finger inside. It doesnt take long for his finger to pop into my ass. I move my ass up and down, fucking his thick finger. I moan as his finger hits my /sweet/">sweet spot.

I can feel him reaching down with his other hand to take off his shorts and underwear. I raise my ass, his finger still thrust into me, to help him take his clothes off. I look down at his massive, rock hard, hairless tool. His shiny, swollen /circumcised/">circumcised head greets me. Hes got a relatively small head for such a /dick/big-dick/">big dick. His cock gets thicker as you move down his shaft, reaching its peak fatness at the middle of his shaft and then thinning down slightly at the base of his dick where a huge pair of saggy balls greet you.

He puts on a condom he had in his wallet. I spit on my hand, and rub the saliva all over his gargantuan dick. Once his cock is nice and lubed up with my spit and the condoms lube, he takes his finger out of my ass and I position his head in its place. I reach under me and grab his dick to guide it into me. My knees are on the couch on either side of him.

He spreads my ass cheeks to help me. I firmly press down on his cock, his head pressing hard against my opening. Slowly, his head breaks the barrier into my ass. I let go of his cock and place my hands on his muscular shoulders for balance. I move my ass up and down on the tip of his dick, loosening my ass hole for the remaining /fat/">fat part of it. When my ass hole is relaxed I slowly sit on his pecker. The feeling is intense. My forehead rests on his and we slowly kiss as he slowly makes his way into my ass. I feel some pain when I reach that fat middle part of his dick. I bob my ass up and down when Im around half way down his dick too loosen my ass further.

When I feel like my asshole is spread three inches wide, I plunge his deep fully into my ass. The pressure in my ass feels so good. I start to bounce up and down on his cock, his firm hands guiding my ass up and down. Fuck, this feels so good. My /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick dick flops back and forth. One hand rests on his shoulder while my other hand strokes my cock. I focus on the sounds: his moans, my grunts, the sound of our skin slapping against each other. I can hear his dick running in and out of my ass, making a suctioning noise. I change my position and move my feet under me. Im now squatting over him, moving my body up and down on his cock with my legs.

His hands run over my thighs. He feels the muscles in my legs tighten and loosen as I thrust up and down. My grunting gets louder, mixed in with "fucks" and "yeah baby" and "youre so big." His moaning intensifies. He starts to jack me off. He must know Im on xxx sex video download free com the verge of busting a load. He keeps up the pace on my cock until I finally erupt all over his chest. Streams of jizz land on his face and chest, but he doesnt mind. Instead, he picks up the pace and helps me thrust his cock faster into my ass. I can tell hes on the verge of unloading too. I bounce up and down faster and faster, my thighs burning from the workout.

His hands move my ass up and down, as he gyrates his hips up and down. Finally, his hands tighten on my ass. I keep the pace up. His eyes squeeze shut, his teeth bite tight. He groans loudly as he unloads into my ass, well, into the condom. I kiss him and keep bouncing up and down. Making sure hes released every ounce of cum. Once hes done, I sit down on him, his dick still in me.

We kiss. I run my hands along his arms and we lock hands. We keep kissing in this position. I feel his dick growing smaller every second; my whole closing. I break the kiss, look at him and say, "how about we finally shower?" Without much effort, he stands with me straddled on his waist. "Sounds perfect." I point him to the shower, and he walks me there with me clinging on to him. His cock still buried in my ass.

To be continued...