Getting Past The Awkward Dry Spell

Published August 14, 2022 tag category
Getting Past The Awkward Dry Spell

Female Libido Enhancers And Its Promise

Did you know that most women who are suffering from low libido problems believe that they are the only ones suffering from it? It is not often that you find women talking about their lack of sex drive because in most communities, sex and all the issues that come with it still remain to be a taboo.

9 Simple Natural Tips To Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation occurs to approximately three quarters of the male population. This condition occurs when a man ejaculates faster than he had anticipated thus not satisfying his partner; sex researchers define it as ejaculating within 2 minutes of coitus. This is a frustrating and confusing moment for a couple, but especially the man for not satisfying his lady sexually. This is a psychological issue and can be controlled by mastering the body’s reaction to coitus stimulus through disciplining yourself both physically and mentally.

Premature Ejaculation: 10 Tips To Make Sex Hotter

A healthy sexual relationship can promote every aspect of your life, including your physical health and self-esteem. And although sex in your idle or later years may be a bit atypical from how it was in your twenties, it can be every bit as pleasing and fulfilling. Simply understand the normal changes that are occurring in your body and your partner’s body. These changes can affect your capability to have and enjoy sex and, if not addressed, you might have difficulties with arousal or performance (sexual dysfunction).

Erotic Novels

Reading novels are a great source of knowledge and ideas. However, at times it gets very boring reading a novel when there are no elements of excitement. This barrier of monotony is broken by erotic novels. Such novels can open up new avenues that you might not have explored- sex, sex and more sex!

Why Do Men Need Male Enhancement Supplements?

When a man is in his sexual prime he doesn’t need much stimulus in order to become sexually aroused. In fact, the reverse problem may exist where he gets aroused too easily and it can become a distraction from the tasks at hand. However, I have rarely heard any boy or man complaining about the fact. But as a man’s body ages, his responses to the normal stimuli can weaken and he can feel that he needs assistance. This is the main reason for the massive market in male enhancement products, both pharmaceutical and herbal.

How to Deal With Premature Ejaculation

Discover the ways to deal with premature ejaculation when you read the content of this article. It reveals the methods which work for persons trying to solve the problem of early ejaculation. Read the whole of this article to learn more.

GLBTQ – The Fear Surrounding the Unknown

I overheard a conversation between a husband and wife as I sat in the waiting room at my Doctors office. The topic was the new season of a popular dance show on TV and one of the contestants being Transsexual.